NETWATCH page has moved.... This page is dedicated to the LINUX Community "Netwatch" program for ETHERNET Monitoring.


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Netwatch is a Linux program created to aid in monitoring Network Connections. It is based on a program called "statnet" but has been substantially modified for its Ethernet emphasis. It is a dynamic program which displays the Ethernet status based each the connection's activity. It has the capability of monitoring hundreds of site statistics simultaneously. The connection's port number (Well Known Service) and destination address are available as well. There are options which allow router statistics to be measured on simple networks (with one router). External network communication is counted and transfer rates are displayed.

The latest versions adds

It is interesting to note the prevalence of APACHE as an HTTP Daemon.


The latest available released version is "netwatch-1.0c.src.tgz" otherwise know as Version 1.0c

NOTE: This version is currently being tested and cannot be considered totally stable.

HTTP Access is as follows:

Available from "" in pub/Linux/system/network/monitor
and mirrors throughout the world...

DELAYS: X-Windows version is delayed...

Passive Network Monitoring & Network Security

There is a distinct advantage to passive rather than active network monitoring. In passive monitoring, the systems outside of the monitor have no loading due to any software for monitoring. These systems actually have no idea that any monitoring is being performed. This is an advantage that can be turned into a disadvantage. Security on Ethernet requires tight controls on packet data encryption otherwise all data transfers, including logins (!), can be seen easily.




Configuration File for Netwatch

As of version 0.8e, Netwatch will accept a configuration file in "/root/.netwatch.conf". ALL binary users SHOULD make a personal configuration file. Source code users have other options, but the configuration file is simplest. Here is a sample configuration file for the latest netwatch (1.0b Pre3): netwatch.conf


A key diagram should be available very soon... :)