Learning to Program

St. Lawrence College teaches students in C/C++, scripting languages and game engines to program games. We are including a compiler and IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for you. Feel free to try it out. The compiler can be expanded by entering the Tools/Package menu item and selecting new packages found on the Internet. We are also including an introductory  programming language AND environment from Carnegie-Mellon University called "Alice". This is an excellent introduction to programming in 3 dimensions. Also included is a package called Lazarus which is a Free-Delphi-type clone (Pascal). All languages provide excellent exposure to a wealth of programming environments. 


  1. Dev-CPP C/C++ Compiler and IDE
  2. Lazarus Object Programming (Windows) Rapid Application Development (Pascal)
  3. Alice for Windows
  4. Alice for Linux
  5. Alice for MacOS
  6. What is Alice Video (Link)?
  7. Storytelling Alice (Experimental Variation and NEW!!!)
  8. Alice Version 2.2 BETA TEST (with Video Export)
Screen for Alice

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